As a feng shui consultant trained in form, compass and flying stars feng shui, it is possible to read the essential character of a building using sacred geometry.  This ancient Chinese feng shui formula describes the energetic interplay between the 5 elements; fire, earth, metal, water, wood; and the 9 numbers of the Lo Shu Grid or Sigil of Saturn.

What is Feng Shui

The three main ingredients in determining the feng shui of a building are …

A feng shui flying star chart is then drawn for your building. Every building is different, every feng shui flying star chart is unique! There are over 200 possible number combinations, all describing unique energetic patterns that tell a story about your health, wealth, relationships, and much more. Once the energetic story has been revealed, the elemental energies can then be adjusted, creating positive results. Are you unsure what to expect from a qualified feng shui consultant during a feng shui consultation? Read my handy information page feng shui consultant.

Choose a comprehensive feng shui consultation by Sacred Feng Shui Design Melbourne which includes ...

Geomancy, Space Clearing, Sick Home & Sick Building Syndrome and Divination. This is important because it ensures the very best outcome for you, your family, your staff and colleagues ... sooner rather than later.

To understand the benefits of feng shui ... ask yourself these questions

For the Home Owner or Renter

  • Do you, or someone close to you, suffer from poor sleep, persistent yet medically undiagnosed health problems, regular colds and flu, infertility or miscarriages, constant fatigue?
  • Would you like to attract a partner? Would you like to improve your current relationship?
  • Would you like to ensure your new born baby’s room will support, nourish and protect their well-being? Are you concerned about the behavior of one of your children?
  • Do you feel you are always struggling to get ahead? Would you like to improve your financial situation?
  • Do you feel like you are stuck in a rut? Would you like to attract new opportunities?
  • Would you like to improve the ‘feel of your home’?

Arts & Entertainment Industry or Public Personality

  • Would you like to improve your reputation, fame and creativity? Would you like to
    ensure your home is supporting your health and well-being?
Business Owner or Operator
  • Would you like to improve business profits?
  • Do you have high staff turnover? Does your office feels like a battlefield? Would you like to improve staff relationships and health?

Selling your Home or Business

  • Would you like to stimulate the sale of your property?

Purchasing or Building a Home or Business

  • Would you like to ensure the profile and energy of the building is beneficial?
Feng Shui for
feng shui for
feng shui for
Feng Shui Design


Sacred Feng Shui Design Melbourne offers a variety of feng shui services using both classical and modern techniques to ensure your concerns are addressed. These areas may also be investigated at the time of the audit:-

The earth your land sits on may be affecting your health. Geopathic stress is natural radiation that rises up through the earth and is distorted by weak electromagnetic fields created by underground streams, certain mineral concentrations and fault lines. The wave lengths of disturbed natural radiation can seriously affect your health, particularly in locations where you spend a lot of time, such as where you sleep, or work. Geomancy is the ancient art of finding and neutralizing these magnetic fields.

In today’s world, the Feng Shui practitioner must also take into account the effect our technologically advanced environment has on our well-being. Power poles, meter boxes, computers, car fumes, and chemical overload can have significant impact on your health. The building you live or work in may be having an adverse affect on your health due to high levels of electromagnetic radiation (EMF's) and electrical fields (EFs.) This area of analysis is called Sick Home and Sick Building Syndrome.

Energetic layers of emotional ‘stuff’ can build up in our homes, creating blockages and disharmony in our lives. These layers are not only left by us, our loved ones, and our friends, but also previous occupants of the home (both living and deceased). Negative energies and entities can be removed by Space Clearing.


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