Chinese Astrology, also known as four pillars, offers another layer of analysis using the five element theory. Is it the right time to start a business? Should I invest or should I save my money this year? Will this year be beneficial or more demanding? I offer a Chinese Astrology (four pillars) and Numerology reading with my comprehensive Feng Shui Consultation.

Four Pillars analysis is such a complex system of analysis, most chinese astrology report programs can calculate your four pillars, but are unable to interpret your story. Only a personal reading can reveal the depth of analysis that chinese four pillars astrology offers.

Choosing an auspicious date

Are you getting married, moving home, or opening a new business? Choosing an auspicious day for major moments in your life can enhance your chance of success.  Auspicious date selection can also be very helpful when deciding on the right day for major surgery. Contact Carol on 0434 880 411 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

Calculate your Four Pillars for Free

If you would like a chart of your Four Pillars without interpretation, visit my Chinese Astrology Four Pillars Calculator.