In this hectic, sometimes confronting world we live in today, your home is both a retreat and healing centre, and the only place you feel truly safe. Your office or business is also a sacred space that embodies your hopes and dreams of success and prosperity.

Energetic layers of emotional 'stuff' can build up in your home or business creating blockages and disharmony. These layers are not only left by you, but also your loved ones, friends, business colleagues, and previous occupants of the home or business - both living and deceased.  Negative energies and entities can be removed by a Space Clearing.  A Space Clearing Ceremony is a beautiful way to begin your life in a new home or business.

Sometimes people just want to clear the energy from a broken relationship or messy divorce. Many years in a troubled relationship can make a home feel negative and depressing, and a Space Clearing can make an amazing and immediate difference.

A space clearing can also remove entities or ghosts

A spirit or ghost may be scaring the children, particularly in the early hours of the morning, and the parents are craving a good night's sleep. Ghosts or spirits are unaware that their presence is causing distress to the living and are happy to be shown the way home to the light. Entities or ghosts may be attached to a particular person, object or building. As the energetic disharmony of Geopathic Stress acts as a portal for entities to move through, a Geomancy Consultation will be conducted prior to a Space Clearing.

A space clearing is recommended 

  • After a robbery, a traumatic emotional event, an accident in the home, when you move into a new home or business to remove the energies of the previous occupants, before you sell your home so people feel comfortable and welcome in your home, if you feel the presence of ghosts or spirits. 


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How is a space cleared?

The location of the negative energies is detected using psychic sensitivity. Working on the astral, psychic, and emotional levels, powerful essences are used to remove negative energies. Sound, earth, and psychic tools are also used to help harmonise the environment and fill the space with positive energy.

My preference is to visit your home or business to conduct a space clearing, but I also perform remote or long distance space clearings throughout Australia and the World using Reiki, psychic sensitivity and healing essences. 

I will help fill your home with positive energy

Once the old or negative energies have been removed, another treatment is conducted to fill your home or business with your positive thoughts and wishes. I will ask you to write down your positive affirmations. For example, you may wish your home to be ’a peaceful place for all occupants’, and/or ‘a home that brings happiness and love to all occupants’. You may wish your business to be 'a place of positive energy and prosperity'. 

Create a beautiful retreat filled with peace and love

A Space Clearing Ceremony cleanses your home or business to allow you to express yourself freely and completely. A Space Clearing Ceremony will harmonise your home or business and allow you to truly be at one with your environment.


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