Welcome to this free download of Essential Feng Shui, compiled by Carol Partridge.

'I am delighted to offer you this comprehensive advice based on my many years of training and experience. Obviously this document can't go as deeply into the principles of feng shui or offer you the individual guidance available in a personal consultation. However I've endeavoured to provide you with a wealth of general, valuable information.

Feng shui provides the opportunity to balance and harmonise the energy surrounding you in your home and work life. By clearing blocks and increasing the flow of energy you can improve your circumstances in every way - from health to wealth. When you apply the tips I have provided here you will notice a difference, even in the way you feel.

Of course feng shui is not a magic bullet. To quote Master Raymond Lo of Hong Kong ‘there is destiny, luck ... and feng shui'. However I believe applying this advice will bring positive change to your life.

Thank you for downloading this document. If you would like to go deeper into a personal feng shui consultation please don't hesitate to contact me'.