Here are 5 general purpose Feng Shui tips for every home.

  • Your home must be easy to find so chi and opportunities can find you - use large and reflective numbers.  
  • Keep the front garden and fence beautiful and well maintained to entice opportunities into your life. 
  • Ensure the front garden, path to your main door and the area around your main entry door is free of clutter as you don't want to obstruct the flow of chi (the breath of life) into your home.
  • Remove all rubbish, refuse and clutter from every room of the house as this leads to blockages and stagnation in your life.
  • Avoid sleeping near electrical equipment such as a digital clock radio or meter box as they emit high EMFs.  Turn your mobile phone to airplane mode when you are ready to go to sleep. If you must use an electric blanket, turn it off at the power switch when you get into bed.