What part of your life could be improved - your health, wealth and relationships? Does your life need some change and renovation? I can advise how to adjust the energies that surround you to create greater ease and flow and attract positive energy and prosperity.

Your Feng Shui Home Consultation includes;

Form, Compass and Flying Stars - Carol will thoroughly investigate your home us Form, Compass and Flying Stars feng shui paying particular attention to areas of your life you feel need improving and advise how that can be achieved with feng shui.

Health, Wealth and Relationships - How your home may be helping or harming your health, wealth and relationships and the best remedies to improve your life.

Interior Design - Furniture placement and colour advice will be recommended room by room to enhance the flow and harmony of your home.

Landscape Design - The layout of your front, side and rear gardens, and the surrounding environment may also be having an impact on the feng shui of your home so landscape design will also be covered along with water feature placement.

Health - To ensure you're not being exposed to harmful manmade environmental hazards which ay be having a negative impact on your health, EMF readings will be taken with advice on how exposure can be avoided.

Chinese Astrology and Numerology Reading - Included in your Home Feng Shui Consultation is a reading for all occupants. This reading can identify personality strengths and weaknesses, health issues, difficult years and how to handle them, and pinpoint when your life will turn around for the better. A powerful tool for predicting when to make changes or when to conserve and consolidate your health and resources.

Feng Shui Floor Plan - The most important feng shui recommendations will be itemised on your floor plan and emailed to you 4-5 days after the consultation. Please note: If you'd like a written report, this can be purchased for an additional fee. Please let Carol know on the day of the consultation.

Support - Complimentary telephone and email support for 3 months.

Investment: From $400 (price on application)

Contact Carol Partridge for a consultation now on 0434 880 411 or email iThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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