I have lots of free feng shui advice and tools for you. Tips for your home, business, office, my free Kua calculator, Feng Shui calculator, and Chinese Astrology Calculator - see orange links on the left.   

I'm also delighted to offer you my free download of Essential Feng Shui.  This comprehensive 16 page document is based on my many years of training and experience. Obviously this document can't go as deeply into the principles of feng shui or offer you the individual guidance available in a personal consultation. However I have endeavoured to provide you with a wealth of general, valuable information. 


Feng Shui and Mirrors

In this feng shui video I talk about mirrors located around the front door and the impact they can have on your wealth and overall prosperity.


Feng Shui and Mirrors in the Bedroom

My feng shui tips on mirror placement in the bedroom and other suitable locations in your home or business.