Do I have to tear down walls or redecorate my whole home?

No. However, the best feng shui position for beds, sofas, study or work desks will be recommended, once Sick Building Syndrome have been checked.

Do I have to put Chinese style objects in my home?

No. Feng shui remedies are based on the elements. And elemental remedies can be found in any culture, style, design and price range. You will choose what you would like based on the elemental specification given at the time of the consultation.

Do I need to have anything ready for my Feng Shui Consultant?

Yes. You will need to provide Carol with ….

  • Floor plan enlarged or reduced to fit roughly 70% of an A4 size page (see the next question for size guidelines).
  • Each floor (upstairs/downstairs) must be on a separate page.
  • The year the building was built.
  • Renovations - Additional Floors
    If you have added a new floor level upstairs or down - the year those renovations were completed.
  • Renovations - Ground Level Extensions
    If you have extended your home, and those extensions have added 25% to the original size of the building, the new extension will require a separate floor plan, and your feng shui consultant will need to know the year the extension was finished.
What size does the floor plan need to be?

Your floor plan must be reduced (or enlarged) to fit on an A4 size page.

I do not have a floor plan of my home. What can I do?
  • Take exact measurements of your floor plan and then draw them to scale on an A4 piece of paper.
  • Contact your Council. They may have a floor plan of your home/office. Your council may charge a fee for this servi

Note: The more accurate the floor plan is, the more accurate the feng shui analysis will be.

Do I need to have a floor plan for a Geomancy Treatment or Space Clearing/House Clearing Treatment?

A floor plan is not necessary for a Geomancy or Space Clearing Treatment, however, it is beneficial. Carol uses the floor plan to dowse for additional ‘energetic’ information which may not be evident at the time of the consultation.

I would like to improve the energy of my home, but I do not want to change anything inside or outside my home?

Carol recommends a Geomancy or Space Clearing. These treatments are not visible, but are very effective at improving the energy or ‘feel’ of your home. Contact Carol for advice on which treatment will suit your circumstances.

I would like to improve my health, but I do not want to change the décor or layout of anything inside or outside my home.

Carol recommends a Geomancy Treatment. The treatment is not visible, but has powerful and lasting results.

What does a feng shui flying star chart look like?

See the example of a flying star chart.

Will feng shui fix everything?

No, it is not a magic bullet. To quote Master Raymond Lo of Hong Kong ‘there is destiny, luck … and feng shui. It's difficult to put an equation to feng shui results, but around a 30% improvement can be expected (15% for your home and 15% for your business).

To understand the overall potential inherent in your journey on this earth, the Chinese evaluate the cosmic trinity (3 lucks) between heaven, earth and human qi.

  • Your heaven luck comprises previous karma, genetics and your astrological profile.
  • Your earth luck comprises the state of the world at the time of your birth, the past and present financial and political climate of the country you were born in, and the feng shui of your home and work.
  • Your human luck depends on self education, good deeds you do for others, what you think, do and create (positive vs negative).

Much better results are achieved if your thoughts, words, actions, and surroundings do not contradict your desires! For instance, if you want to meet someone special, a feng shui consultation will improve the quality and chances of meeting someone special, but you must act on the new energy and go out more.

If you want things to change in your life, you must be willing to change a little also.  As Norman Vincent Peale says 'If you want things to be different, the answer is to become different yourself'. What you create, think and do (positive vs negative) is part of your human luck.

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