Here is a breakdown of what you can expect from your feng shui consultant Carol Partridge during a feng shui consultation of an existing property.

  • 1 week prior to or on the day of your feng shui consultation, Carol will need:-

a) One to two copies of your floor plan, provided on an A4 size page enlarged or reduced to fit 75% of an A4 size page. Each floor (upstairs/downstairs) must be on a separate A4 page. Renovations - Additional Floors; if you have added a new floor upstairs or down, your feng shui consultant will need to know the year that floor was completed. Renovations - Ground Level Extensions; if you have extended your home, and those extensions have added 25% to the original size of your property, the new extension will require a separate floor plan, and your feng shui consultant will need to know the year the extension was finished. If you don't have a floorplan, perhaps you have a friend who can draw up the plan to scale. It must be to scale as any errors in the size/dimensions of the floor plan will lead to errors in the feng shui analysis.

b) The year your building was built.  This information needs to be as accurate as possible. Contact your local Council, or check your Section 32. If the information provided is incorrect, the whole Flying Star Chart and Feng Shui analysis will be incorrect.

  • On the day of your feng shui consultation, Carol will sit down and discuss with you the areas you feel need addressing and discuss the history of the property - what you have experienced since occupying the property.
  • Carol will then ask to be shown around your home or business, which may lead to additional questions by your feng shui consultant to help identify contributing factors to the overall energy of the property.
  • Using a Luopan or Compass, Carol will take the exact facing direction of your building.
  • Carol will then draw up the unique Flying Star Chart for your home or business.  This chart is drawn over the floor plan you provided to Carol. Your feng shui consultant may ask for a quiet area of your home or business to complete this task.
  • Once the chart and analysis is complete, Carol will discuss the findings with you, and advise you of all the necessary changes and feng shui remedies that need to be done to improve the feng shui of your property, and improve your life. The changes recommended will be very easy to implement, and will not involve pulling down walls or any major renovations. Feng shui remedies are based on the 5 elements, fire, earth, metal, water and wood, so - as an example - metal objects, statues or decor may be recommended to enhance positive area in a specific location, or to diminish negative energy in a particular location of the building. 
  • Your feng shui consultant will advise you where to purchase the feng shui remedies suggested.
  • Depending on the type of consultation booked, Carol may or may not provide you with a written report at a later date. 
  • At the end of the consultation, Carol will ask if you have any questions, and offer phone and email support should you have any further questions at a later date.

Only at Sacred Feng Shui Design

In addition to the above feng shui service, Carol will check the readings of meter boxes, digital clocks and the like to ensure you are not being exposed to man-made environmental hazards such as EMFs. If you are being exposed to EMF's, Carol will advise how to avoid them. 

Comprehensive Feng Shui Consultations

At Sacred Feng Shui Design we offer a Chinese Astrology and Numerology reading along with a full feng shui analysis of your home in the Comprehensive Feng Shui Consultation. 

Budget Consultations

For those who would like an experienced and highly trained and experienced feng shui consultant but are on a tight budget, Sacred Feng Shui Design offers Budget Consultations. To find out more call Carol on 0434 880 411.

Additional Services

Often the feng shui of a property is not the only energy causing disharmony on a site. A Geomancy Treatment or Space Clearing may also be needed to bring the home back to a harmonious and positive place. Carol Partridge is a fully trained Geomancer and Space Clearer and offers these services as well.