Spend the morning with Carol Partridge, feng shui expert and the founder of Sacred Feng Shui Design. Carol has been a professional feng shui consultant for over a decade. She’s featured in Good Health Magazine, ABC National Radio, Living Now magazine and The Project. An intuitive and inspiring consultant and teacher, Carol is able to de-mystify and simplify feng shui providing practical and easy to implement solutions.

Feng Shui Living

Do you love feng shui? Do you find feng shui principles a bit confusing? Would you like to improve the feel and flow of your home and become a magnet for positive energy? Would you like to know more about feng shui?

In this fun and informative workshop Carol will help you understand the ancient art of feng shui and how you can apply the principles to your own space with practical and easy ideas and advice. Bring a pen and journal/notepad.

You will learn;

• How to understand your own home and how the energy (chi) works within it
• Why you live where you do (this is no accident)
• What the number of your home means
• The four celestial animals and their meanings
• Best directions to sleep and work
• What’s clutter got to do it
• Feng Shui and colours
• 8 compass directions and the 8 areas of your life and how to support those areas.
• A room by room analysis
• Ideal furniture placement

Date: Saturday 26 August, 2017 ~ $30
Time: 10:15-11:45am ~ Place: Sacred Mist, 67 Glenferrie Road, Malvern