How to Feng Shui your Home or Office Desk for Success and Good Health

During my years as a feng shui consultant, I have had many client's ask me for general feng shui advice on how to arrange their desk at work or home to enhance success.

  • When sitting at your desk, it is best to have your back against a solid wall. This represents feeling supported and protected by life and your superiors. I often find people place the back of the desk against a wall, and leave their back exposed. It is a basic human instinct to feel vulnerable in this position. If you feel uncomfortable you will not be able to concentrate and focus on the job at hand.
  • You must be able to see who comes in and out of the room from your desk. You feel confortable and in control of your environment when you can see what is going on, and who is coming in.
  • EMFs are always a concern in an office environment. These days, most computers emit low eletro magnetic radiation, however the transformer on the adapter cable of your laptop emits high EMFs, so keep the transformer as far away from your body as possible. Power boards also emit high EMFs and should be placed at least two metres away from your body.
  • Positive ions and static build up from all electrical devices, and synthetic clothes and shoes rubbing on synthetic chairs and carpet. Air-conditioning can also create a very dry atmosphere. Himalayan Salt Lamps are a very cheap and attractive way to ionise the air. We all know how good it feels after rain. The rain fills the air with negatitve ions and oxygen. The salt lamp does the same thing, and gives off a lovely gentle light. Place the lamp next to your computer.
  • Most home offices also contain printers. Printing inks contain Benzene. In addition to irritation of the eyes and skin, chronic exposure to even low levels of benzene causes headaches and drowsiness. Whilst printing at home, leave a window in the room open. In a business office this may not be possible. The good news is certain plants are proficient at absorbing harmful chemicals. Please read my blog article 'Improve indoor air quality with plants' for advice on which plants to use. Plants also expel oxygen, so I would recommend a plant for the home and work office as oxygen keeps us alert and mentally agile.
  • Have some aromatherapy oils handy to uplift flagging energy and mental dullness. My personal favourite is peppermint oil, as it has a stimulating effect and can alleviate headaches. However peppermint oil is not recommended for pregnant ladies. Here are a few aromatherapy burner blends from one of my favourite books 'Aromatherapy for Scentual Awareness' by Karen Downes and Judith White:- 3 drops of Pine, 1 drop of Basil, 4 drops of Lime, or; 5 drops of Lemon, 2 drops of Rosemary, 1 drop of Basil.
  • Keep your work area tidy! Cluttered work spaces can make you feel burdened, depressed, tired and unable to think clearly.
  • Place an inspirational picture in your office. Are you working towards a promotion? Are you saving for a holiday? Are you working hard to buy a beautiful home? Does a photo of your family or pet uplift you? Fill your office with images and objects that lift your spirits. This is a good position for a Vision Board.

feng shui desk

The feng shui of this desk is ok, however it would be better if the gentleman's back was closer to the wall behind him. His back should not be against a window, as this can disturb his qi or energy. Drafts and cool air seeping through exposed glass can leave his back vulnerable.

Astrology Update August 7-September 8, 2010

For those of you who are still surprised by the quick and brutal disposal of Kevin Rudd, this event is a perfect example of the energies that were, and are, still present this year. The Fire penalty formed by the of the Year of the Tiger and the month of the Snake can bring hidden enemies or secret saboteurs, particularly to people whose charts show they are in clash (vulnerable) as Rudd's chart indicated. Similar to the real action of fire, it happens quickly and consumes everything in its path.  My mentor and great teacher Vic Ketis, predicted Julia Gillard's rise to power at the beginning of the year.

August, the Monkey month, is the clash month for this year. Clash means change, challenge, growth, loss, illness, and unlike the hidden energies from the Snake, the Monkey will bring open and more visible confrontations, you will see it coming. Disturbing world events which took place in the Penalty month of May, such as the Israeli Navy attack on a flotilla carrying thousands of tons of supplies for Gaza, and the final report by South Korea (backed up by US, Australia, British, Swedish & Canadian defence experts), confirming that North Korea torpedoed a South Korean warship, could come to a head in August. There may be more earth tremors, quakes, eruptions, and unstable weather from August 7 to September 8.

On a personal level, all of us may have our cages rattled from August 7. Don't be in a hurry to get anywhere, drive carefully. Travel plans may not go to plan. Take care of your health, don't overdo it. If you are challenged at work or at home, turn the other cheek, walk away, count to ten before speaking. Think things through carefully before acting or speaking. Before you sign any contracts or hand your money over to financial gurus, check ... check and re-check their credentials. If buying a property, make sure all renovations have been approved by the Council. Do not over-extend yourself financially. Mercury also goes retrograde again from August 21 until September 13. Visit my February Newsletter 2010 to read the possible effects of Mercury Retrograde may have on your life.

Western astrology experts predict the stock market may go through a correction towards the end of this year so play it safe. An Australian group of astrologers, The Cosmic Intelligence Agency has put together an interesting video on this subject called 'June-July 2010 Eclipse Report Part 2'. Forward the video 1:40 to see their predictions for the US stock market and economy.

Remember ... knowledge is power! If you follow my advice from August 7 - September 8, you will glide through this turbulent month unharmed and unphased. Good news! The astrological profile of next year is much more positive, and I will give you my analysis in the January 2011 feng shui newsletter.

Natural Spider Spooker

Nobody likes to see a spider on the roof above their bed at night. However, having your home treated for pest control, or spraying Mortein could lead to alot more serious long term health issues for you and your children. I found this recipe for an eco-friendly and safe alternative in G Magazine 2008, written by Debra Mayrhofer.

'Repel spiders by mixing 200ml of water with 10ml of gin or vodka, 5 drops of eucalyptus oil and 5 drops of lavender oil.  Spray this mix in their favourite web building sites, usually window sill, corners, and furniture legs'.

Water Safe Test Kits

Do you wonder what the quality of your water is like but don't know how to find out? Water testing is the only way you can adequately assess what you are actually drinking. I am excited to announce the arrival of the Watersafe Test Kit - a simple, do-it-yourself affordable kit that assesses for 10 common contaminants and compares them with EPA recommended levels.

  1. Pesticides - many are linked with cancer.
  2. Copper - can cause digestive problems, liver and kidney damage, increased risk of miscarriage.
  3. Lead - is associated with learning and behavioural disorders in children, nerve and kidney damage.
  4. Iron - rust build up will turn the water a browny yellow colour, clog pipes, affect water pressure and may cause digestive problems.
  5. Bacteria - E Coli can cause serious illness and death.
  6. Chlorine - a lifelong consumption is associated with an increased risk of bladder and bowel cancer.
  7. Hardness - causes the build up of lime scale which can affect your whitegoods and increase the use of shampoo and detergents.
  8. pH of your water - the more acidic the water, the greater the rate at which heavy metals can leach.
  9. Nitrates and nitrites - from fertilisers and animal wastes; are associated with serious health risks including blue baby syndrome and an increased risk of blue green algae. (Ref: Bijlsma, N. 2010, Healthy Home, Healthy Family, Joshuabooks, Australia).

The Watersafe Test Kit costs $39.95 plus postage, visit my Better Health Shop to purchase your water test kit.

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