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The Astrology of Natural Disasters

Revolution in the Middle East

Feng Shui Tips for Buying a Home

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Welcome to my feng shui newsletter mid year update!

It’s been a very disturbing start to the 2011 year for many people.  Earthquakes and floods around the world, and civil unrest in the Middle East.  As I mentioned in my last Feng Shui Newsletter 'expect more natural disasters and extremes in climate conditions as two opposing elements fight for power. '

The Astrology of Natural Disasters

Although the Rabbit is considered yin wood, it is also very strong wood.  Strong wood needs a lot of water to produce it or feed it.  Think of a large oak tree, it needs a lot of water to produce healthy growth and keep it strong.  That is why we have had so many water related disasters such as flooding.

‘Tension between elements’ is clearly illustrated by the scientific analysis of the Japan earthquake and subsequent tsunami published in the New York Asia Pacific Quake Moves Japan Closer to U.S. and Alters Earth’s Spin

‘Most of the time, the two tectonic plates are stuck together, and the North American plate is squeezed, much like a playing card held between the thumb and forefinger. As the fingers squeeze the card, it buckles upward until the card pops free.

In the same way, the North American plate buckles, and the eastern part of Japan is slowly pushed to the west. But when the earthquake, which occurred offshore, released the tension, the land jumped back to the east.

As it unbuckled, a 250-mile-long coastal section of Japan dropped in altitude by two feet, which allowed the tsunami to travel farther and faster onto land, Dr. Stein said.’ (K Chang 13 March, 2011)

I found a very interesting slide show on The New York Times Asia Pacific online website which illustrates how the shifting plates caused the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Revolution in the Middle East

Two opposing elements fighting for power can also been seen in the current revolution taking place in the Middle East.  Clashing or opposing elements can bring revolutionary changes to the status quo.

Social unrest was also present in the 50's when the elements were also forming the same opposition as they are now, and for a few years to come.  In the 50’s, the civil rights movement sought voting and other rights for African-Americans and often ended in violence. There were lynchings and murders, violent manifestations and assassinations such as Martin Luther King Jr.   Environmentalism and the movement for women's rights also triggered turmoil, even though this was seldom violent.

So once more we are going through a period where the old regimes are no longer acceptable and people are now willing to stand up for what they believe is right. As Bob Dylan wrote ‘for the times they are a-changing’.

Feng Shui Tips for Buying a Home

Feng Shui Tips - What to look for when buying a home

Buying a house is a big investment in money and time spent finding the right home.  To make your search for the perfect home a little less daunting, I have listed by top feng shui tips and included important manmade environmental hazards to look out for which may adversely affect you and your families' health.

Ensure the property is easy to find.  If you have trouble finding the home at your initial inspection, opportunities and positive energy will not be able to find the home either.  If qi or energy cannot find the home, nothing positive or new will enter your life if you decided to purchase the home, your life will feel like it is stagnating.  On a more esoteric level, I believe your guides put obstacles in your way when you are heading in the wrong direction, so if you find a property hard to find, I would take that as a sign the property is not for you.

Look for a home with lots of natural light. Sun light symbolises yang qi - warm, energising, motivating and positive energy.  A home with lots of natural light is warm and inviting, and encourages positive qi to enter your home and life.  A home with natural light inside will keep you motivated and active.  You can always add heavy curtains to bedrooms to create yin qi, a restful and peaceful space.  However, it is difficult to make a dark or shady home feel sunny unless you use artificial light.

Avoid buying a home on a busy road or busy intersection. Pollution from cars will adversely affect your health over time.  The noise from trains, trams and cars will make it difficult for you to have a good nights sleep.

Check how close power poles and mobile phone towers are to the house. Your home, and particularly your bedrooms need to be at least 200 meters away from high voltage transmission lines and street power poles.  The electromagnetic radiation from power poles is very powerful and will radiate into the home causing all sorts of health problems.  Mobile phone towers are often on top of high rise buildings, apartment blocks and shopping centres.  Have a good look around the surrounding streets - remember to look up.

Check where the meter box is. Meter boxes also emit very high EMFs (electro magnetic radiation) and can cause long term health problems such as cancer, and short term health concerns such as insomnia, headaches, and poor recovery from illness. As meter boxes can cost over $3000 to move, ensure the meter box is not sitting outside bedrooms people will be sleeping in.  We spend so much of our lives sleeping, it is crucial our bodies' natural ability to heal and regenerate is not interfered with by EMFs.  Visit my Sick Home Sick Building page for more information on EMFs and other problematic external factors to be aware of which may compromise your health.

Find out as much as you can about the history of the property. Did the last owners get divorced?  Did the residents have financial problems?  All these points can give you indications of the essential character of the building.  Generally, I would suggest you do not buy a home with a history of debts or divorce, however if you do, ensure you engage the services of a qualified feng shui consultant as soon as possible.  The good news is a qualified feng shui consultant will be able to improve the human harmony and prosperity of a home with a difficult past.

As buying a home is such a large financial investment, I would recommend booking my Pre-Purchase Feng Shui Home Service before you buy.  At around $200, a pre-purchase feng shui home analysis is a small investment for peace of mind, especially when you consider the amount of money you spend on a home and the years of happiness, good health and prosperity you hope to have whilst living there.

Feng Shui talk at the Mind Body Spirit Festival Brisbane

I hope to see you at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in Brisbane Saturday June 25 and Sunday June 26.  I will be giving a half hour talk on Feng Shui for Wealth in the Speakers Cafe at 3-3.30pm on Saturday, and 12-12.30pm on Sunday.  You will learn some practical techniques you can use in your own life to improve your prosperity.  The weather in Brisbane in June is great, so I look forward to catching up with you there.

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